Building Wealth Through Real Estate


We are an Ohio based Real Estate Company Firm that does everything from standard rehabs, fix and flips, wholesale deals, turnkey cash flow properties, multifamily, etc.

Below are a few deals we have recently completed.

  • Schaumburg (Chicago) IL $40K profit in under 1 week with NO rehab (wholesale deal).
  • West Chester, OH Purchase Price $115K.  Rehab $42K.  Sold $239K with multiple offers in under 3 days!
  • Arcadia, OK $38K profit in under 1 week with NO rehab (wholesale to a retail buyer who will rehab themselves).
  • Toledo, OH $25K Purchase Price.  $35K Rehab.  Sold $115K!

With over a decade of experience in buying, selling, rehabs, brokerage services, property management and more, Freedom Real Estate Group buys homes across the state of Ohio as well as northern Kentucky and eastern Indiana.   We have been on the cutting edge of this hassle free home buying process for over a decade.

One of our favorite things to do is partner with other investors on our deals.  We do that by working with private money partners, rehab partners, acquisition partners and more.  We have found that it’s more FUN to do deals with others where you can leverage other people’s strengths and all make money together in a win-win fashion!!  If you’re interested in working with us on deals, contact us at 844-877-0888 or!