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Investor Club

If you hold a savings account, you loaned money to the bank and they pay you under 1%. You can invest and lend in real estate and get high interest returns with low hassle while holding real estate as the collateral. This is some of the most passive, hassle free income in all of real estate.

Are you ready to create passive income and take control of your financial future? Get started for free.


The Freedom Investor Club is a community of people just like you who are building true wealth for their families through investing passively in real estate.

Through the Freedom Investor Club, we’ll not only help you define your investing goals but we will also find the best investment opportunities for you, so you can achieve financial freedom and live a meaningful and intentional life by design!

We have a variety of investment opportunities you can explore:

  • Real Estate Syndications, participate as one of our investors who holds shares of apartment buildings or storage units
  • Private Money Lending, participate as a private lender on Single Family or Multi-Family properties secured by a note and mortgage (just like a bank)
  • Master Note Investor, participate as one of our investors who funds our properties year round and is paid interest quarterly
  • Real Estate Investing, participate as on of our investors who acquires properties through us, learn more on our “Invest With Us” page

You can also check out our Private Money Lending Expert Panel here where you’ll meet our CPA/CFO, Title Attorney, one of our Private Lenders, and a Self Directed IRA specialist! You have access to all their contact info and can vet us all you want, I know you’ll like what you learn!

As a premier partner with numerous banks, REO asset management companies, and a large investor network, we have over 1,000 deals under our belt.

Unlike the insanity of the recent stock market swings, our investors enjoy safe high yields with all funds secured by high equity real estate.

You, as the investor, have all funds SECURED on every property. Below are a few deals we have recently completed.  More details will be provided for serious investors.

  • 25 Orchard Ave. Private Lender Invested $80,000 and in approximately 7 months, they earned $5,672.34 in interest
  • 2759 Harris Ave. Private lender Invested $209,000 and in approximately 4 months, they earned $7,615.58 in interest
  • 2030 Kipling Dr.Private Lender Invested $52,500 and in approximately 5 months, they earned $2,537.22 in interest
  • Middletown Apartments4 Private Lenders each loaned on four separate buildings totaling 56 units for a total purchase of $1.3 Million and rehab of over $800,000. This project is ongoing and each investor will receive double digit interest on these projects.
  • In 2020, we paid out $360,130.73 in interest to our private lenders.

We offer secured interest rates based on investment size and investment longevity.  We want investors who are dedicated to our mutual long term success, and we reward them handsomely for doing so!

In 2021, we are introduced real estate syndications to the many ways to invest with our team passively and build true wealth for your family.

Are you ready to create passive income and take control of your financial future? Join us and get started today for free.