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Freedom Real Estate Group Family of Companies offers investors many opportunities to invest.

Choose your best real estate investment options from our Investor Series:

    • Instant Cash Flow Series – Our Instant Cash Flow Series is designed for the investor who wants to close on a property quickly and start Cash Flowing Immediately. These are properties that have been purchased with the tenants already in place and are paying rent, producing instant cash flow.
    • Equity Advantage Series – This series is designed for the investor to pick & choose how we can best serve them. It allows flexibility to use any of our resources we have at the investors request. 
    • Signature Series – This Series is our Classic “Done For You” Turnkey model with our Signature upgrades.
    • You can learn more about our Investor Series HERE
  • Become a Private Money Lender
    • This is one of our most popular investment options for investors looking to be the “bank” and help fund our deals for high returns. Check out our Expert Panel Video to Learn More and schedule a call with CJ here.
  • Invest in Syndications
    • This is a brand new division we have created within our family of companies. We created this company to help our investor clients reduce and eliminate their taxes from property investing, flipping, private lending and more. If you want to learn more, schedule a call with CJ here.

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