New Year. New Opportunities.
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New Year. New Opportunities.

Why 2021 May Be the Year for You to Invest in Real Estate.

It’s 2021. A new year with new opportunities and more importantly – new possibilities. It’s a clean slate. A new start. Now is the time to explore new adventures, new goals, and new investment opportunities. If you haven’t begun investing in turnkey real estate, here is why 2021 may be the best year to start.

  1. Interest Rates are Rising. Interest rates have fluctuated a bit over the past year. They’ve gone up, they’ve gone down. Just when we thought they were going to increase, they stayed the same. Much like the stock market, you never know what’s going to happen. However, if you’re considering investing in real estate through a lender, rates are still relatively low and we don’t see them going much lower in the near future.
  2. The Stock Market is Unreliable. Within one week, we saw the DOW go down 700 points, rebound the next day by 600 points, drop again because of news that Apple wasn’t as profitable in years past. The roller coaster of the stock market goes on and on. Bad news? It will continue to do so. We’re not saying the stock market is bad. It is just truly unpredictable. With real estate, you have much more control of your investment, the returns you see, how you manage it and so on. You’re not bound by a room full of Board of Directors members and what decisions they make.
  3. Rent increases in Dayton, Ohio were #2 in the United States in 2018. This really should have been higher on the list. Afterall, increasing rents means demand, sustainable market, and in the end, more cash flow for the owner of the property. Dayton was second in the U.S. for rent increases. In our market, we’re seeing larger rent increases than other major metro areas. This proves the Dayton market is strong and a smart place to invest for turnkey real estate.
  4. You Have Control. It is last on the list but certainly not the least important. In a world where it often feels like you’re the puppet and someone or something outside your control decides your success, real estate investing is where you can take back that control. You decide the neighborhood, the property, the tenants, what you will and won’t allow tenants to do (within Fair Housing accordances of course), the rent increases you wish to pursue, the repairs and upgrades you will make, and more. It’s all in your control. And the best part, it’s really not that hard to do and SUCCEED in doing.

This next year is going to come and go before you know. Remember when it was summer? Seemed like just a couple months ago. Well, that time slip is going to happen again this year. Do you want to be in the same place you are now? Or do you want to take action and make it happen? It’s your choice. It’s your year. Happy New Year.

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