Why Dayton, Ohio has great opportunities for turnkey investors.
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Why Dayton, Ohio has great opportunities for turnkey investors.

When people hear that our business is based in Ohio, they don’t always get why this is a good idea. Afterall, when it comes to real estate, the big pieces of real estate are in places like California, Texas, and New York, right? Furthermore, when they hear we’re doing the bulk of our business in places like Middletown, Franklin and Dayton, Ohio, we surely get the “huh?” But, put your turnkey investor cap on and think about it this way.

Turnkey investments in Ohio, specifically Dayton, are perfect if you want a real return on your money. If you’re looking for an invesment with a 5%-9% cap rate, maybe a larger metro area like Chicago or Los Angeles could help you. However, if you’re wanting 10%-15% returns on your money with turnkey properties, the greater Dayton market offers up the perfect opportunity.

(Pictured above: Planned improvements for the Fire Block district near downtown Dayton.)

Here are just a few points to consider with the Dayton, Ohio turnkey market:

  1. Home owner to renter ratio is around 60 to 40. This means almost half the population is in need of a rental.
  2. Property values are about 20% below pre-recession value. There is still opportunity for growth in terms of the value of your investment.
  3. A three bedroom turnkey property, on average, will cost you between $70k-$100k. Try getting that in Los Angeles in a good B-C class area.
  4. Dayton is innovating. The downtown area is under a gentrification-revitalization and businesses are flocking back to downtown.
  5. It is home to the largest, single-site employer in the entire state; Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

The list goes on and on. Dayton is the absolute perfect cocktail for the turnkey investor. Low purchase rates. High returns. A population seeking rentals.

Want to know more about why Dayton, Ohio is a great place for turnkey investors? Download our Dayton city report below. It’s FREE and is full of stats and information on Dayton and turnkey investment opportunities.