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Why A Home Warranty on A Turnkey Property Could Save Your Investment

Most investors or turnkey real estate buyers know about home warranties. Many of us buy them or request them on a personal home purchase. However, most turnkey companies or properties don’t come with a home warranty. It’s just not an industry standard. Is it really needed? It is something you should ask for? Absolutely. And…

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We Promise Rent to You. No Really. We Do.

One of the biggest risks, in terms of a buy and hold strategy like turnkey rental properties, is vacancy. Ask a landlord or turnkey investor if a vacant property makes them happy and you’ll likely see a dramatic reaction. It’s never good but it’s something that happens. It’s part of the game. Now, imagine this.…

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Top 5 Turnkey Investing Questions That You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

Investing as a whole is not for the “faint of heart.” Here at Freedom Real Estate Group, we begin every turnkey investing relationship with a Turnkey Strategy Session call with one of our Ohio market experts. During this time, we listen and answer any questions our investors may have. Here is a list of our…

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Rehab Standards Can Make or Break a Turnkey Deal

If we have said it once, we will say it a million times, the rehab on your turnkey property can completely leave you sunk. Big time. Most turnkey companies have standards. Let’s rephrase. Most good turnkey companies have standards. But what are those standards? This should be one of your first questions when speaking with a…

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