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Why You Should Forget Airbnb and Other Short-Term Rentals as Long Term Investments

Why You Should Forget Airbnb and Other Short-Term Rentals as Long-Term Investments When looking for your next coastal family vacation or a chic, modern apartment in booming cities such as Nashville, Airbnb is a great surrogate to your typical hotel stay. With its rising popularity, it is easy to think this would be your next greatest investment opportunity. But…

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Middletown & Franklin, Ohio. The next best turnkey investment cities?

We know what you’re thinking. Middletown? Franklin? Where are these cities? Well. They’re perfectly situated between Dayton, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio; two of Ohio’s largest cities. In fact, the Cincinnati and Dayton metro area is the 18th largest metro area in the United States (just behind San Diego). Although it doesn’t quite have the official…

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